What We Do

We help ensure that all students have access to enriching and rigorous programs that will keep them engaged and curious while preparing them for future education and careers.

Grants Program

School Fuel provides numerous grants each year, funding a wide variety of programs to benefit students at every elementary, middle and high school. For a full description of all of the funded projects, see our Grants Program page.

What does School Fuel fund?

School Libraries

School Fuel is the only consistent funding source for school library books, materials, and enhanced technology.  We provide yearly grants to each library in the district.

Visual Arts

School Fuel supports visual arts by providing all elementary schools with funding for art supplies, and by making MarinMOCA’s visiting artist program available to all 4th and 5th grade classes.  Additional grants support the arts at the middle and high schools.


School Fuel provides grants for all of the elementary and middle schools to purchase musical instruments, and for visiting clinicians and festival fees at the secondary level. Our support for this instrument program has made it possible for all students who wish to learn an instrument to do so, regardless of their economic resources.