Vision & Identity

Celebrating 20 Years!

In anticipation of School Fuel’s 20th anniversary, the leadership took some time to reflect on its accomplishments and look ahead to develop a vision and strategic direction for the next three years.

Far beyond the programs that our school foundation supports for all public school students, the impact on students’ lives benefits us all as these youth grow up to become leaders and active members in the workforce and community in Novato, California, and beyond. Enriching education for students strengthens our community for today, for tomorrow, and far into our future.

As we strive to increase awareness and funding to support education that meets the needs of the whole child, we are also strengthening our entire community. We have created a circle of support for the students, the teachers, and the whole Novato Unified School District through our grants program and other key initiatives that support all schools.

Alongside our efforts to engage more individual members of our community as well as businesses and organizations, we will also be hard at work on making more clear to all of Novato how essential it is to support School Fuel’s efforts each year to sustain and increase what we provide. Specifically, we have set these goals for our work in the coming years:

  • Increase understanding about the value, impact, and need to support public education

  • Raise more funds to increase educational opportunities

  • Expand community relationships and build partnerships

  • Develop long-term sustainability for the foundation

In addition to the vision work, we updated our Mission and Values statements that guide our foundation’s work. We also affirmed the pillars that uphold our programs as a framework for decision-making.

As we listened to the community about our brand from various stakeholders, we heard loud and clear that it was time for School Fuel to be more visible and stand out more boldly for the work we do and all that we support.

After many years, we realized it was time to make some changes to update the logo and some other key identity aspects. As a result, we will be rolling out our new brand identity in the coming year, so in addition to this new website, look for our new look in your emails, signs at schools and around Novato and so much more.

The new logo is meant to clearly showcase our name and be visible as a stand-alone logo or in a mix of all kinds of other logos. To do this, we sought a bold typeface and strong colors that are easily seen and that adhere to today’s accessibility standards for contrast. We also looked at our tagline and realized that rather than be descriptive of who we are, we wanted to say who we serve, which is all students in our public school system. In looking at lots of options, we decided on the simplest, most direct statement – that we are here for all students