Grants Program

School Fuel is proud to support enrichment grants 


  • Start-Up funds for new MSA/NHS literary magazine
  • Olive School document cameras for primary classrooms
  • High interest series books for Pleasant Valley classrooms
  • Oral Storytelling unit for Pleasant Valley   
  • Extended library hours for Novato High
  • Bilingual and Spanish language library books for Rancho
  • Guest poet for San Jose Middle School
  • Supplies for outdoor reading space at San Jose Middle School
  • Workbooks for English language learners at Novato High School
  • Support for English language development at San Marin
  • Camera equipment for San Marin Pony Express journalism program
  • Support for San Marin Speech and Debate Club

Visual and Performing Arts

  • MarinMOCA 5th grade art program (all elementary and K-8 schools)
  • Musical instrument repair for Novato Charter School
  • Drumming classes for Rancho
  • Multicultural mural project with guest artist for Rancho 
  • Musical instruments for Hamilton middle school music program 
  • Music festival trip for Hamilton bands
  • Sound and lighting improvements for San Jose Middle School drama program
  • Field trip to see professional performance for San Jose Middle School drama program 
  • Musical instruments and music stands for Sinaloa music program
  • Support for Art and Culture Club at Novato High 
  • Guest teachers for Dance and Yoga classes at Novato High 
  • Field Trip for Cinematic Arts class at Novato High to attend the Student Television Network convention
  • Tools and materials for San Marin High Theater Tech program
  • Field trips for San Marin Theater students to see professional productions
  • Visiting clinicians and festival fees for San Marin High School music program 


  • Sensory tools for counselling enriched classroom at Loma Verde  
  • Occupational therapy technology programs at Olive
  • Socio-emotional awareness assembly for Pleasant Valley
  • Socio-emotional learning support for newcomers at Rancho
  • Yoga and mindfulness classes at Rancho
  • Equipment for outdoor play and social connection at San Ramon
  • Occupational therapy tools for all San Ramon classrooms
  • New student center materials for Sinaloa Middle School
  • Meditation room supplies for Marin Oaks 
  • Wellness corner creation for San Marin High school counselling enriched classroom
  • Supplies for Health Class community service project at Novato High School 

Technology, Science and Math

  • Odyssey of the Mind support for Loma Verde
  • Touch Math program for math intervention at Lu Sutton
  • Exploratorium field trip for Lu Sutton
  • Outdoor education field trip for Lu Sutton
  • Supplies for Lynwood Makerspace lab
  • Technology programs and apps for Olive early grades
  • STEM lab docent for Olive
  • IXL Math intervention curriculum for Pleasant Valley 
  • Lake Sonoma habit field trip for Pleasant Valley 
  • Math manipulatives and materials for intervention at Pleasant Valley
  • Safari Encounter visit for Pleasant Valley 5th grade 
  • STEM assemblies at Rancho
  • Virtual Reality headsets for history, English and technology classes at San Jose Middle School
  • 3D printer for Sinaloa Middle School technology class 
  • Science notebooks for Chemistry class at Novato High School 
  • Journal of Visualized Experiments for science classes at Novato High School  
  • Calculators for Novato High School math program 
  • Science class field trip to water treatment plant for San Marin High School 
  • Robotics program support at San Marin High School

Student Success and Engagement

  • Hamilton Chess program support 
  • Hamilton Children for Change program support
  • Cultural heritage and traditions suitcase project for Loma Verde 
  • Support for Odyssey of the Mind program at Loma Verde
  • 5th grade field trips for Lu Sutton 
  • 4th grade field trip to for Olive
  • 4th grade field trip for Pleasant Valley
  • Student leadership program support for Pleasant Valley
  • Supplies for creation of three outdoor classrooms at Rancho
  • 4th grade field trip for Rancho
  • AVID college field trip for Sinaloa
  • Garden supplies for San Jose Middle School
  • Field trip for students at Marin Oaks 
  • Planners for students at Novato High School 
  • AVID program support at Novato High School 
  • Newcomer support at Novato High School 
  • Field trips for English language development students at Novato High School
  • AVID program support at San Marin High School 
  • Portable whiteboards for tutorials at San Marin High School 
  • Planners for students at San Marin High School 

Funds raised by individual schools for additional designated programs through the 2023 Tour of Novato – $51,720

See for more details about these additional grants