About Us

Our mission is to elevate educational opportunities for all Novato public school students.

Together, we impact the lives of more than 7,000 students.

We raise money to provide educational programs for Novato students and sponsor local events that showcase their talents. We also develop partnerships with local businesses and organizations that support our public schools.

In the last year, over 250 adults and students participated in School Fuel programs as volunteers. The School Fuel volunteers work hard, have fun, and would welcome more help. Together, parents, students, and community members can make a significant difference in the lives of Novato’s young people and in the vitality of this community.

School Fuel also participates in the Marin countywide collaboration of education foundations known as SchoolsRule Marin. All of the funds raised by SchoolsRule are distributed to the member organizations based on the number of students enrolled in the district. Visit schoolsrule.org for more information.

African teenage student standing outside

Our Values

Our work and the educational programs we fund are guided by our core values:
  • Student-centered 
  • Inclusion and Opportunity
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Joy and Creativity
  • Innovation and Responsiveness
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Caring and Dedication
  • Advocacy and Expertise

Our Pillars

  • Raise funds to enhance public education
  • Provide opportunities for all students to shine
    • Provide learning enrichment
    • Showcase student talent
    • Respond to unique educational needs
    • Foster a love of learning
  • Encourage innovation and creativity
  • Champion inclusion across all schools
  • Engage the community as partners
School Fuel is also a participant in the Marin Promise Partnership. The Marin Promise Partnership members all agree to the following statement on Racial Equity.

Racial equity for students in Marin will be achieved when race and ethnicity no longer predict the outcome of a young person’s educational future. Together, as a Partnership, we are committed to identify and dismantle racial inequities, and to provide equity-based supports, so that our most vulnerable children can achieve their full potential.